2 Week All-Access Pass

***** This 2 Week Trial is for NEW CLIENTS ONLY. *****

Here's the deal:

Our clients are all sizes, shapes and physical condition. Each has a different reason for making Total Core Fitness part of his or her life. Our training systems allow us to train all our clients safely and effectively, while getting them the results they want and deserve.

But that doesn't mean we are right for everyone! You can and will find less expensive options out there. When you invest with us, you are getting more than a room full of machines. You are getting professional coaching in a comprehensive and carefully designed system that has been proven over and over again.

The two-week tryout allows you to get in the trenches and see what we are all about. It also allows us to assess if our program is the right long-term fit for each prospective client. The best part, there is no obligation, no money down, nothing. We believe our workouts, experience and results talk for themselves.

During the two-week tryout our expectations are that each trial client will attend a minimum of 10 out of the 14 available training sessions. This shows us that you are serious about getting results. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis if we are provided with advance notice of an impending schedule conflict.

Attendance alone does not guarantee a spot, as we want to see that you are having fun and bringing positive energy to the group. Complainers and whiners are not allowed!

Get Results Like These...

***** This 2 Week Trial is for NEW CLIENTS ONLY. *****