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Our highly trained staff isn’t just dedicated to helping you have the slimmer, sexier, and healthier body you’ve always wanted—we’re downright OBSESSED about helping you! We totally understand that most exercise and diet programs just don’t produce the results we want or expect for the effort we invest. We ARE truly your greatest ally in the Battle Against the Bulge which is why we insist on holding both yourself and ourselves accountable for hitting your weight loss and fitness goals. Our ongoing coaching helps ensure you have the support and advice you need to stay on target while our fun workouts help reduce stress, release tension, and make the entire process more fulfilling. So what are you waiting for…


  • Wasting Money On “E-Books” and Other “Do-It-Yourself” Fitness Programs That Never Work
  • Killing Yourself At the Gym But Never Getting Anywhere?
  • Starving Yourself On the Latest Fad Diets But Never Losing More than 5-10 Pounds?
  • The Diet/Exercise “Roller Coaster” Where You Constantly Lose and Gain Weight in a Never-Ending Struggle?
  • Your Busy Schedule Preventing You From Being Fit and Feeling Good?
  • Feeling Self-Conscious Whenever You Go Out In Public?
  • Busy Meat-Market Gyms Where No One Seems To Care If You’re There or Not?



There are other boot camp’s out there trying to say they are the best camp for more $$$! Ask them for their social proof. Here are a few stories from some of the many happy boot campers…


“I was always a chubby girl growing up and was considered overweight my entire adult life. I felt like I lived on the dreaded diet roller coaster, never reaching my goals. I am a mom of 3 beautiful children. With all 3 pregnancies my weight easily skyrocketed over 230 lbs each time. After my 3rd was born in 2011, I knew I had to do something because I was miserable. I had 3 kids to keep up with and I wanted to be a good role model in their life!! My life changed forever the moment I set foot into Total Core Fitness Boot Camp to try something new. At first, it was tough, but I truly enjoyed the workouts! It NEVER gets dull or boring…different workouts everyday and you can always expect something new and fun! The workouts certainly get your heart pumping…love it! There also is a sense of becoming part of a family at Total Core. You want support? You have it here…everyone is so supportive of one another. I can’t say enough great things about the trainers. Ryan and his staff are there for you to help you reach your goals. If anyone can get you there, they can. Along with the AMAZING workouts, they helped to teach me how I should be eating to be the best I can be. After joining Total Core and participating in two of Ryan’s Transformation Contests, I lost well over 50 lbs, over 32 inches melted off my body and I was down over 14% body fat! Total Core Fitness Boot Camp got me into the greatest shape of my entire life! I crushed my goals…no gym ever came close to getting me there! Fast forward over a year, and I am still part of Total Core and maintaining my new fit lifestyle. Total Core Fitness Boot Camp is an amazing part of my life…it rocks!”


“What brought me to TCFB is that I felt like one day I woke up and I was 40, overweight, unhappy, and invisible. I decided it was time to take control of my life again. I had tried so many times to overcome my weight issues. I would lose 30 pounds, and months later put them back on. In my thirties I must have done this 3-4 times. I tried everything, Weight Watcher, Adkins, Alli, you name it, I tried it. I often got bored with excercise and would quit a program as quickly as I got started. The box gym’s were intimidating, and treadmills and bikes were boring to me.

I ran into a good friend of mine that looked fantastic and she told me all about TCFB. It has been an amazing year since. Not only are the workouts fun and challenging, they are different every time, so I don’t get bored. By participating in the weight loss competitions, I have made great friends, and the Bootcamp has now become my second family. Ryan and his trainers help you all along your journey by giving you advice on exercise, eating and changing your life for the better.

Now not only do I come to bootcamp 4-5 times a week, I also participate in mudruns and 5k races on a regular basis. I have finally found the fun in excercise with the help of TCFB. I have made a life change instead of a quick fix diet or boring workout plan. In a year I have taken off 41 pounds and know that I can do anything I set my mind to. Thank you Ryan and his trainers, because of you, my 40’s are going to be fantastic!”


“I thought my major problem was my weight, but really it was my daily lifestyle. I couldn’t stand the way I looked in my clothes. I would squeeze myself into my jeans, which made me have a muffin top, and I would wear an oversize sweater so you couldn’t see it. With all the failed attempts before, I felt hopeless. I always had inkling that there was a solution to the predicament that I faced. What I needed was a total approach to my dilemma that is when I joined the Total Core Fitness.

I lost 26.2 lbs and over 19 overall inches in just 12 weeks. Last fall I bought size 12 pants, and now I am in size 6 and feel amazing. Total Core Fitness changed my life. I hated working out and always made excuses, but that is no longer an issue. I went out of my comfort zone, and didn’t realize the full potential that I had. With the help of Ryan and fellow campers, I am no longer intimidated. I now look forward to working out 5X a week.”


“January 2012 I decided to take a leap and join Total Core’s 12 week transformation contest. Little did I know exactly what I would be getting out of it. I’ve become a whole new me. I lost 28 pounds, became a finalist in the contest and gained, self confidence, motivation, determination, new friends and a brand new life style. I knew that after the first 12 weeks were over that I still had some work to do and my goals were not yet met, although they were getting closer. I then joined the next challenge which was an 8 week “No Scale Contest” I learned the most during those eight weeks. I learned that as long as I felt good in my close and I was eating what I was suppose to and following my regiment it did not matter what the numbers on the scale read. It was that kind of mind set that brought me to once again be a finalist with an additional 13 lbs down.

I’ve completed more this year then I intended to ever do. I’ve completed two weight loss contests, Boot Camp Games, 2 mud runs, two 10Ks, and numerous 5Ks. I look forward to the future and taking on other challenges and become the healthiest me I can be. I hope to complete my first 1/2 marathon in the Spring.

Total Core has helped me become a better parent for my two little girls which was the reason I join boot camp. I’m more interactive with the ones I love because I have the energy and stamina to keep up with them. They look forward to me going on rides with them and taking them to the park. My husband and I now enjoy running together and challenging each other with at home workouts.

I’ve also gained a great group of motivating friends who I can count on to keep me on track along with Ryan and the other trainers. I’m so thankful for all the tools and knowledge I’ve gained over the past year with out all your support I’d still be overweight and making excuses. Joining Total Core was the best decision for me.”


“I have never been in great shape and I have never been athletic. Running more than a mile was difficult. I got winded easily just chasing my kids around the yard. When I joined Boot Camp last Fall, I was hoping I might take a off a couple pounds. Maybe develop a better weekly routine.

Instead, I have been challenged and inspired to push far beyond what I “thought” were my limits. Running 3 miles? No Problem! Losing weight? In 3 months, I lost over 30 lbs and 5+ inches off my waist! I now fit into all the those clothes that had been at the back of my closet for way to long. I move better. I feel better than I have in years. Like all new things, Boot Camp was intimidating at first. But Ryan is unbelievably supportive. What separates his program from all of the gyms and personal trainers I have been to is he is a Man on a Mission. He truly cares about his clients. His passion is contagious! Now as I approach 40 (!), I am in the best shape of my life. And I don’t feel like I’m done at all. Every day at Boot Camp is different and with new challenges. I feel like I’m getting better and stronger every day and every week.

Joining boot camp is on the best decisions I ever made for myself and for my family.”





The simple fact is that you have been down that road and it has lead you straight to here.

Just think about it: How many YEARS have you already thought about getting into shape and living healthier? 1? 2? 5 years? And sure—you have no doubt tried getting into shape but the reason you are here right now isn’t because of a lack of desire or wanting to get into shape…


And the reason why you have failed to see sufficient progress is because you have been using ineffective workouts, eating the wrong foods, and don’t have the guidance and support you need to consistently burn fat and keep it off!

But at Total Core Fitness Boot Camp, we’ll teach you the MOST EFFECTIVE and FUN workouts that will transform your body into a fat-burning machine plus provide the nutritional guidance you need to MAXIMIZE weight loss—and then keep it off!


“I started going to Total core over a year ago. I immediately loved it and was hooked. In January I began a transformation contest in hopes of being more accountable for my eating habits and to loose those dreaded love handles! First week I lost like 7 pounds and I was really excited! At first I really wasn’t doing the contest to win but as time went on I became more competitive. I am very proud of myself for sticking with it and getting great results. I lost 25 pounds and 18 inches. I went from a size 10-12 to a size 6. I feel great and I continue to go to camp at least 4 days a week. I recommend total core highly. I have always gone to other gyms but never pushed myself as hard as Ryan and Amber have. With motivation from the staff and fellow campers, it was easy to keep going. I know if I stuck with the gyms I went to in the past, I would never have gotten to where I am today! While going to Total Core, I was inspired by everyone to do a mud run over the summer. It was something I would have never even thought of doing in the past. As a result, joining Total Core has changed my life for the better in more ways than I thought would ever be possible! Thanks Again Ryan and Amber for all your support!”


“My name is Louie Pellagatti. Back in August 2012 I was told about Total Core Fitness Bootcamp from a friend who had been going for about 6 months. She keep telling me about how great this place is and how much fun it was. I’ve always struggled with my weight for as long as I could remember. I also have been paying and going to the contemporary gym for years. But always found one thing happening to me with every attempt when I did go. I would go for a few weeks maybe a month and just stop. It became very uninteresting and boring.
When my friend told me about Total Core Fitness I recognize that she was not just talking about it but it was evident from how she looked. And at that point in my life I felt really horrible of how I looked. I went on the web site and seen all the success stories and they all had one thing in common. They all made dramatic changes both physically and emotionally. I wanted that really bad. So I joined for 3 months. I was a little scared because this was something I’ve never done before and thought I would fail. So after my first week, I was, what we like to say “HOOKED” on bootcamp. It’s made up of trainers who take pride in what they teach. They motivate you and it becomes contagious. You begin to feel like part of a family. After 3 months I joined for the year. I entered a 12 week transformation contest. The results were unbelievably. I learned how to eat better and workout harder. And at the end of the contest i was one of the finalist. I can’t say enough great things about Total Core Fitness. To sum it up, the most important thing is it changed my life completely for the better. I feel so good when I leave a workout. No GYM has ever done that for me. These are some of my results. In 6 months I’ve lost over 35lbs, 23in and over 8% body fat! Need I say more. One thing to always remember, if you work hard you will get results.”


“I am 29 years old, and have had an issue with my weight my whole life. In 2009, I weighed 360 pounds and started on my journey to weight loss. I didn’t want to have Gastric Bypass or Lap-band surgery, and I had tried every diet from Weight Watchers to Transitional Life style. However, I was always scared that I would gain the weight back. I knew I couldn’t diet for the rest of my life.

During my honeymoon, I got stuck in my seat on a ride at Universal Studios, and I knew then it was time to do more than I had been doing. A teacher friend told me about a boot camp class but I didn’t think I could handle it. However, since my issue on my honeymoon I knew something had to be done.

My husband and I joined Total Core Fitness at the end of January 2012 with a Groupon. I was very nervous, but after the first class I was hooked. After our first month was over, I continued with a 3 month special. In those 4 months the weight came off me very fast, faster than I ever could have imaged. My husband knew I wanted to continue, so as a wedding present he gave me a year of boot camp.

Ryan and his amazing trainers taught me workouts and that each workout is different from the next. They helped push and challenge me more then I ever thought possible. Every person I met at Total Core inspired me, and I now call them my friends, and they helped me achieve me goals.

Along with his weight loss competition, and my journey into boot camp I have lost 137 pounds in 15 months. Ryan and his trainers have given me a new outlook on life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am lucky/proud to call myself a camper at Total Core Fitness Boot Camp.

Through boot camp, I learned how to add nutrition into my life. It taught me how to live. I don’t call it a diet; it’s my new way of living. I am no longer an emotional eater, and I don’t look at food the same way anymore.”


“After having my second child, my weight skyrocketed to over 200 lbs. I was disgusted with myself, and knew I had to do something or I wouldn’t be able to meet the demands of my new baby and his 19 month old sister. So, I did what I had done in the past with some success; I joined Weight Watchers. Unfortunately, the weight didn’t come off so quickly this time, and after following the program for five months I hadn’t even lost 20 pounds.

At that point I was beyond frustrated. Luckily for me that was exactly the time I found Total Core Fit Camp. Despite having major anxiety about how my lack of fitness skills would mesh with this hardcore, no excuses gym, I signed up for a session. During that first session, Ryan never let me give up. He pushed me to keep going even when I didn’t think it was possible, and his commitment to my success made me want to give every workout my all. The support of veteran campers made me feel comfortable in this unfamiliar environment, and Total Core Fit camp started to become less intimidating. I still stumbled a lot and didn’t know how to do most of the exercises, but I was having fun doing it! I couldn’t believe I was actually enjoying exercise.

Sixteen weeks into camp, I lost a over 34 pounds, and 14% body fat! I feel like a completely different person. I have more energy, I am happier, and best of all, I am physically fit! When I began camp, I couldn’t run ¼ mile without stopping, and now I am training for a half marathon. I am doing things I never thought I could do, and it’s because of Total Core Fit Camp.

I know there are many different gyms and programs you can use to try and lose weight, but Total Core Fit Camp is the real deal. They don’t perform magic tricks, you will have to work your butt off, but when you do, you will be more than pleased with the results.”

My Vision For You Is to…

    • YES! Quickly lose unwanted weight despite your busy schedule so you can feel good every time you step on the scale and finally see the pounds literally flying off making you feel healthier and better about yourself.
    • YES! Easily melt off ugly fat that is adding inches to your waistline and hiding the sleek, toned muscle underneath so you will get those spontaneous compliments about your new look that will make you feel so good.
    • YES! Get a flat sexy stomach so you can feel confident in a swimsuit, tank top tight fitting outfits and feel proud to see the reflection of your tight new body in the mirror when you step out of the shower in the morning so you can start your day off saying “I love my body…”
    • YES! End your confusion about how to get fit so you can give 100% effort into your workouts and be ultra-motivated by seeing massive results in a very short time causing supportive (make you feel great) comments by shocked friends who wished they had your physique.
    • YES! Feel exhilarated as your firm sculpted body attracts more exciting moments and situations into your life so that you can laugh boredom in the face and welcome fun and adventure.
    • YES! Get fit quick in the most fun, effective & inexpensive way so you can saunter around with your amazingly toned body without draining your pocket book, having to spend long hours in stuffy gyms or putting up with boring workouts that don’t produce results.


You’ll Get Results Attending Total Core Fitness Metabolic Inferno or I’ll Personally Give You All Your Money Back, No Questions Asked!

We are not a box gym, we do not have dues and hidden fees. Don’t worry about having someone stare at you in the mirrors of the gyms, barely any room to move around. You do not have to worry about seeing a couplehundred machines and not know how to use them. At camp you can always count on instruction and learning how to workout correctly and using very little equipment.

Now you may still be a little skeptical and that’s normal. I would hope that you would be, with so much confusing information out there. However, I will give you some more benefits you are guaranteed to receive by joining the Total Core Metabolic Inferno:

    • You will improve your endurance and heart levels with your new cardio and conditioning program
    • You will lower your cholesterol levels
    • You will increase your confidence and be able to take on life’s everyday challenges
    • You will improve your stability
    • You will improve your posture and reduce chronic back pain as well as reduce joint discomfort
Could you use those benefits in your everyday life right now?

If Not Now… When?

Now the big question you ask is “Sincere, this sounds great, and I am ready to join, but I have to ask, “How Do You Do It!”

That’s a great question! The Total Core Fitness Boot Camps are fun, unique, yet challenging outdoor/indoor fitness programs that empowers you to be your healthy best, along with the encouragement of others, just like you, in a non-intimidating atmosphere. we want you to strive in your fitness goals.

What we are NOT is some ex-drill sergeant screaming at you and making you feel inferior because you do not necessarily keep up with their level of fitness. Each session is never boring and you learn functional, easy to learn, but challenging exercises that will have you feeling stronger and younger than you have felt in a long time.

In utilizing functional body movement exercises, which resemble most of our everyday movement, you will be more prepared to face and conquer the everyday challenges of your life. We as human beings are always on the move by performing a vast array of daily activities, such as walking, running, bending, twisting, turning, jogging, pushing, pulling, lifting, sitting, standing, lunging, climbing, coming and going. As a boot camp participant, you will utilize your entire body, during your sessions, as a complete functional machine, as you do in everyday life, while having fun doing it!

Ladies: “Finally, you can say good-bye to those “Hello/Bye-Byes” that flap back & forth when you wave your arms!” Isn’t it time to stop hating your thighs and behind?

Guys: “Now you can trade in that keg belly and reveal your hidden six pack!”Stop reminiscing on how good of an athlete you were in high school and college. Now you can be “better!”

Our FIT camp will help you fall in love with the body you see in the mirror again!

If you’re ready to take the steps needed to get in shape and stay that way, then I invite you to join us at Total Core Fitness Metabolic Inferno.

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